Activités sur place

  - Hiking : GR 6, 62, 66
- Baignade rivière et lac du Bonheur
- Fishing
- Playground for children
- Ping-pong
- Boules
  A proximité du camping  

- Wooden home:
 workshops, events, shows, amusements.
- Horse riding, Equitation, VTT, Tennis, Canyoning,
- Ruins of the Abbey "Notre Dame du Bonheur", Villemagne Mines.
- Arboretums Saint Sauveur y Foux
- Interesting places: Loss of Happiness, Old Beech Suquet

  - Col de la Serreyrède : Tourism Office &  Maison Terres d'Aigoual :
Exhibitions and peasant shop.
- Sorties thématiques Flore & Faune ONF et   PNC
- Pise lake.
- Deer breeding (10km)
- Supermarket, restaurants, snacks
- Mini Golf, Fishing
- City Centre, bus stop






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Aigoual belvédère mythique des grandes randonnées

- GR 66
- Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle


Discover our flavours:
Food tasting: Sweet Cévennes onions, pelardon, chesnut cream...







To view / to do in les Cévennes

Causses and Cévennes are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO since 2011

Camping Le Terondel is situadted at the center of an interesting hiking trails near the village of Camprieu ideally located on a sunny high plateau at 1100m, between pastures and magnificent forests.

The heart of the Cevennes National Park, a special place to stay.

Mont Aigoual (12 km)

Mont AigoualSituated in the last weather hill station inhabited of France where you can discover its museum, its history, its landscapes, its permanent and temporary exhibitions and summer activities.


Sentier de arbres (sur place)

Sentier des arbresThrough the hiking trail you could appreciate the hundreds of tree species that surround the trail, some of them particularly noteworthy. Some of the lords of the forest are: Sequoia, Spruce Greece, Caucasus ... The trees that grow in the Cévennes National Park overlooking the valley Bramabiau flowing to the Atlantic Ocean, a few miles from Herault, which is on the Mediterranean side.

Hiking trail 2.5 km, marked by the NFB.

Length of visit: 2 hours.

Abîme de Bramabiau (sur place)

Abîme de BramabiauSituated at the heart of Aigoual and in the heart of the Cevennes National Park, Bonheur river borns on open air.

Birthplace of French caving, this cave offers to his visitants a hiking trail of 1 km since year 2006.


Bison breeding in Cevennes, Gard: guided tours, shows, breeding and western parties, Buffalo Bill show ...




Grotte de Dargilan
Grotte de Dargilan

The cave of Dargilan Meyrueis on the south of Lozere, captivates the visitor senses with it impressive size and vibrant natural colorful.

This underground maze was revealed in 1888 by EdouardAlfred Martel and in 1890 Dargilan Cave was opened to the public.

Viaduc de Millau (40 min)

Viaduc de MillauThe Millau Viaduct is the most spectacular of La Méridienne: The A75 motorway, that links Clermont-Ferrand to Béziers and Narbonne, is the smoothest and least expensive route between Paris and the Mediterranean. World record high, rising to 343 meters (taller than the Eiffel Tower), along 2460 meters, the Viaduct touches the Tarn valley at only 9 points.

Montpellier le vieux

Montpellier le vieuxMontpellier-le-Vieux is a ruiniforme rocky chaos on the Black Causse, edged on the south by Dourbie gorges, north-east of Millau, quite near the famous viaduct, in the municipality of La Roque-Sainte-Marguerite.

Made of dolomite, the rock chaos covers an area of 120 ha. The imagination of visitors causes them to see similarities between rocks and ruined fortifications, giving mythological names to them.

Everyone want to be photographed under the gate of Mycenae, a large stone arch.

Cités templières du Larzac

Cité templière du LarzacCavalry, Couvertoirade, Sainte-Eulalie de Cernon, Saint-Jean d? Alcas the Viala du Pas Compiegne ... Who does not know the famous Templar Knights? These monks-soldiers with long white coats adorned with red crosses whose organized the Crusades.

They built the Commandery of St. Eulalie, mother house of the order, and strongholds in La Couvertoirade, Le Viala Pas de Compiegne and Cavalry.

They managed this austere territory to be one of the richest in the south of France before being arrested by Philip the Fair in 1312. (Were they too wealthy? were they too powerful? Were they imprisoned for not having kept the Tomb of Christ?). Therefore their legacy was replaced by the Hospitallers perpetuated until French revolution in 1792.

Nowadays, whether autonomous or guided, a visit to these Templar cities remains a great time when myth and legend permeates the scene.

Gorges du Tarn

Gorges du TarnTarn rises on the Mont Lozère and is immediately off of the granite massif as the river approaches the Causses plateaus.

The crossing of this limestone area is a very deep cayon (400 ET600 m) carved by the river Quezac Rozier that counts with a lenght of 53 km. Many sports are practiced there: canyoning, rafting, kayaking.

Les Caves Roquefort

Caves de RoquefortThe Roquefort caves are places where roquefort cheese is refined. They are characterized by their length and the micro-climate conducive to the development of bacteria and mold that contribute to the identity of this cheese.



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